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Indiana's Top General Contractor...
Here's a Little Bit About Us...

Ace of Trades serves as a leading General Contracting Company throughout Indiana. We are a team of fully-certified professionals, fully capable and verifiably experienced in all phases of residential & light commercial construction.


Fueled by our commitment to excellence and a passion for helping those in need, we have established a few niche specialties; such as insurance claim advocacy, roofing and foundation repair. However, many of our crews are still operating under the original Ace of Trades mission, to provide any and all residential repair needs.


Whether you need a claim-experienced contractor to ensure your insurance is playing fair, an engineering focused crew to repair a water damaged foundation, or simply have a long list of To-Do's that no other single company will take on, Ace of Trades is the answer you have been looking for.


We have a team of expert Project Managers to guide our customers through each project with integrity and class. They will be involved every step of the way to ensure even the smallest details of your project are communicated clearly. Unlike many of our competitors, Our Project Managers will be on site often, and will focus diligently on the quality of each phase of the project, and will not leave until the customer is satisfied.


Our priority is our reputation, and we have maintained an unbroken 5-Star review streak since 2014 by treating our customers with the respect and honesty they deserve. We value the customer experience above all else, and with every interaction we seek to solidify our reputation as, "Indiana's Finest Contractor".

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Still Don't Believe That We're the "Ace of Trades"?

   Here is just a list of our many services:

  • Foundation Repair/Framing.

  • Solar Panel Installation.

  • Roof Repair/installation.

  • Insurance Claim Advocacy

   And all other home repair needs!

Meet the Aces
Gavin Asbury

Gavin Asbury - Owner

Beginning his journey as an electrician in 2011, Gavin laid the foundation for Ace of Trades in 2014, initially as a one-man crew. Now, he's more often found in the heart of the action, in the office. His days are filled with resolving issues, overseeing teams, and navigating through paperwork, ensuring the smooth functioning of the operation he built from the ground up.

Colby Burns

Colby Burns - Sr Project Manager, Hoosier North

Colby Burns is constantly reinforcing our brand, ensuring our projects are executed perfectly.

Jeremy Rogers
Christina Rodine

Christina Rodine - Director of Financial and Sales Operations

Christina adeptly balances both assisting our team and managing the company's financial operations. Her expertise ensures we function with maximum efficiency, a benefit we can then pass directly onto our customers through time and cost savings. Her skill set optimizes our operations while prioritizing customer value.

Caleb Mcvay

Caleb Mcvay - Sr Project Manager, N Indiana Division

Caleb has been an excellent asset to the team, managing projects on-site, ensuring the highest standards are met.

Addam Rodine

Addam Rodine - Tech Services Manager

Addam is not just proficient in on-site project management, but he's also our go-to tech guru. Whether you're facing a technical challenge or exploring innovative solutions, Addam is your dependable resource in navigating the complex world of technology with ease and expertise in 2023.

Mason Chapell

Mason Chapell - Sr Project Manager and drone inspection pro

With a bachelor's in music business, Mason is always innovative and looking for new ways to propel the company.

Steven Bailey - Marketing Specialist

Steven Bailey - Marketing Specialist

Running all marketing campaigns from A-Z, Steven is on top of his game.

Drake Erpenbach

Drake Erpenbach - Project Manager

Drake is a leader, even hosting many leadership conferences across New York, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada. He can be found managing job sites or managing investment properties for our sister company, Erp2Erp.

Laura Anderson - Senior Claim Advisor

Jeremy Rogers - Project Coordinator

The longest standing and most well-reviewed AofT employee is Jeremy Rogers. He can be found running from site-to-site for materials, or leading crews of his own.

Areas We Serve

Indy and its metro areas,

Fort Wayne



West Lafayette

New Albany



South Bend








Elk Hart


Crown Point

And ALL of Indiana!

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